Shelane's Run Sponsorship Form 2023

Shelane's Run 2023 Sponsorship

Your generous sponsorship will enable families struggling with Perinatal Depression and other Mood Disorders to access life-saving financial assistance that can be used to offset the cost of therapy, psychiatric care, hands-on assistance from a postpartum doula, or day-to-day expenses such as the cost of formula and/or diapers.

Sponsor levels are named after the stages of butterfly development in honor of Shelane.

Sponsor Levels and Benefits:

Caterpillar -- $250.00
Group social media post and newsletter listing, product placement in the event swag bag.

Chrysalis -- $500.00
Everything above plus your business name printed on the Shelane's Run t. shirt

Metamorphosis -- $1,000.00
Everything above, plus a dedicated social media post,
solo logo and business description inclusion in our
newsletter, logo placement on the Shelane's Run t-shirt.

Butterfly -- $2,000.00
Everything above plus a feature in our newsletter and blog, the largest logo on the Shelane's Run t-shirt.